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Network Security




1. Type in the global and VTY line 0 15 configuration mode commands that will only allow SSH connections using the local username admin and the password adminpass. (Assume the RSA keys have already been created for SSH.);2. Type the interface F0/1 commands that will prevent interface F0/1 from accepting traffic from a third MAC address on F0/1 while continuing to accept traffic from the first two MAC addresses.;3. Discuss the two parameters that can be tracked by a CBAC firewall for TCP traffic that cannot be tracked for UDP traffic;4. Explain in detail the authentication methods in the following command. Also discuss the circumstances that will cause the next authentication method in the list to be used.;aaa authentication login default group radius local enable;5. Assuming you have already entered the crypto isakmp policy 100 command in global configuration mode, type the remaining commands that will set the following policy parameters: data confidentiality = DES, data integrity = SHA, Diffie-Hellman = group 2, and authentication = shared key.


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