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Individual Paper - AI - Are We Different?;Instructions;Write paper examining the question - Are We Different From Computers?. The final paper will have at least 5 pages of content and 2 pages for cover and bibliography. In doing so be sure to include the following;Compare and Contrast at least 5 similarities between humans & computers if any.;Compare and Contrast at least 5 differences between humans & computers if any.;Derive a single reason you believe computers will or will never be human-like.;Use examples to support your arguments.;I will be using " Turnitin " as part of the grading process. The paper must follow the APA standards. Failure to do so will lead to a 30% deduction. The remainder will be based on content.;Adhere to the deadline for uploading your work as there will not be any opportunity to do so once the due date and time has passed.;When completed attach and upload your file in Microsoft Word (only) into D2L for grading.;Your paper should not reflect less than 80% of originality as determined by the turnitin system.;IMPORTANT;ANY PAPER FOUND TO BE OF LESS THAN 80% ORIGINAL CONTENT WILL RECEIVE A 50% DEDUCTION IN ADDITION TO ADDITIONAL DEDUCTION FOR CONTENT AS STATED ABOVE IN 1 - 6. DO NOT CUT & PASTE.


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