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Write a class called Dealer that has fields of type Vehicle and Customer




Write a class called Dealer that has fields of type Vehicle and Customer. The field for Vehicle is a class that has fields make, model, and VIN. The field Customer has fields Name and account number. The field called Name is also an existing class with fields last name and first name.;Define the class Dealer so that you can create a Dealer object either by a customer object, or by a customer object and a vehicle object. Provide accessor methods for each type of fields in the class Dealer. Also, provide a mutator method that changes the Vehicle object.;WHAT I HAVE SO FAR;public class Customer;String accountNumber;public Customer (Name fullName, String accountNumber);this.accountNumber = accountNumber;public class Dealer;public Dealer (Customer customer);public Dealer (Vehicle vehicle, Customer customer);public class Name;String firstName, lastName;public Name (String firstName, String lastName);this.firstName = firstName;this.lastName = lastName;public class Vehicle;String make, model, VIN;public Vehicle (String make, String model, String VIN);this.make = make;this.model = model;this.VIN = VIN


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