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ECE 175 Computer Programming for Engineering Applications assignment 3




Homework Assignment 3;Due Date: February 18, 2014 11:59 PM;Conventions: Name your C programs as hwx py.c where x corresponds to the homework number and y corresponds to the problem number. As an example the C program for hw1 problem 1 should be named as hw1 p1.c.;Write comments to your programs. Programs with no comments will receive PARTIAL credit. At each program you turn in at least the following info should be included;- Author;- Date created;- Brief (two-line) description of the program;Submission Instructions: Use the dropbox on D2L to submit only the.c files.;Problem 1: Interest Calculator{Develop a C program that computes the compound interest on a principal amount using a for control structure. Your program should ask the user to enter the principal amount p, the annual interest rate r, and the number of years y, over which interest is applied. It should then print for each year the year number, the amount on deposit, and the interest gained thus far. To compute the amount on deposit a, use the following formula (you are not to use the math library);? a=p(1+r)? ^y (1);Sample program execution;Enter the principal amount: 1,000;Enter the annual interest rate: 0.05;Enter the number of years: 5;Month Amount Interest;12 1050.00 50.00;24 1102.50 102.50;36 1157.63 157.63;48 1215.51 215.51;60 1276.28 276.28;Test cases: (1000, 0.05, 10), (1,000, 0, 2), (1,000, 0.02, 0);Problem 2: Number-to-text translator. You are asked to implement an automated number-to-text translation system. Write a C program that receives as an input an integer number and converts each digit to the appropriate text word. The integer number can be of variable length, but no larger than 10 digits. Assume that no number starts with a zero.;Sample program execution;Please enter a number: XXXXXXXXXX;two - three - four - five - seven - six - nine - eight - five - four;Test cases: XXXXXXXXXX 10004, 20030040;Hint: Use a for loop structure to count the number of digits of the number given by the user. Consider repeated division of the number given by the user by 10. Isolate each digit from left to right and use a switch statement to convert a digit to a word. Submit your.c files named hw3 p1.c hw3 p2.c hw3 p3.c via D2L dropbox


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