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Write a C program that will calculate the pay for employees




Write a C program that will calculate the pay for employees.;For each employee the program should prompt the user to enter the;clock number, wage rate, and number of hours. The clock number;is a unique identifier for an employee, the wage rate is the hourly;rate the employee is paid, and hours is how many hours an employee;worked within a given week.;The program determines the gross pay and outputs the following;format;-----------------------------------;Clock# Wage Hours Gross;-----------------------------------;098401 10.60 51.0 540.60;Column alignment, leading zeros in Clock#, and zero suppression in;float fields are important. Remember that you cannot type in 098401;(its Octal, and invalid as well)... type in as 98401 and use print;formatting to print as 098401. Assume that clock numbers are at a;most 6 digits long, and pad with leading zeros if less than 6 digits.;Use the following data as test input;Clock# Wage Hours;98401 10.60 51.0;526488 9.75 42.5;765349 10.50 37.0;34645 12.25 45.0;127615 8.35 0.0;Do not use any material from any chapters beyond this week's lecture;notes. I realize those more experienced could use an array, structures;pointers, and other concepts, but we?ll get to those topics in the;future.;The program should query the user for how many sets of test data;(i.e., employees to process), and loop that many times. In our;example above, you would enter the number 5, as there would be 5 employees to process.


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