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One of your smaller customers' needs your help writing a program




One of your smaller customers' needs your help writing a program. Your customer has an e-commerce Web site but wants to avoid being sued for allowing children to make purchases without the authorization of their parents. Using the 6 steps of problem solving, create a program to verify the age of a customer wishing to make an online purchase. The customer will enter his or her year of birth, and your program will calculate whether the customer is more than 18-years old. The program will then display a message to the customer that his or her purchase request is accepted or denied.;Your solution must include the following 5 parts in addition to the coded solution;1.A problem analysis chart with each of the following sections: 1.Given information;2.Required results;3.Processing required to obtain the results;4.Solution alternatives;2.A flowchart showing the program processing flow;3.A chart showing input, output, and processing;4.An algorithm in pseudo code describing the steps the program will perform;5.A description in 2 to 3 paragraphs of how each of the 6 problem-solving steps was addressed


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