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Challenge Examination;1) In which era were only the U.S. government, colleges, and universities able to;access the Internet?;a. 1960s;b. 1970s;c. 1980s;d....




;;Challenge Examination;1) In which era were only the U.S. government, colleges, and universities able to;access the Internet?;a. 1960s;b. 1970s;c. 1980s;d. 1990s;2) Application software includes all of the following EXCEPT ________ software.;a. word-processing;b. Web browser;c. system;d. e-mail;3) Output refers to;a. displaying the results of the processing operation so that people can undestand;it.;b. information that needs further computer activity in order to have meaning to;people.;c. performing operations on the input data.;d. sending the results of computer processing to a permanent location.;4) Which of the following device types holds the programs and data that the;computer uses?;a. Communication devices;b. Input devices;c. Output devices;d. Storage devices;5) Which of the following is often considered the fi fth operation in the information-;processing cycle?;a. Communications;b. E-commerce;c. Ethics;d. Analysis;Challenge Examination;6) Network computers have limited resources in all the following areas EXCEPT;a. storage.;b. processing.;c. memory.;d. connectivity.;7) What type of systems are the ones on which human lives depend?;a. Health-dependent;b. Life-and-death-critical;c. Safety-critical;d. Mission-critical;8) Which of the following safety-critical airline computer systems requires the;highest level of quality standards?;a. Reservation;b. Passenger list and seating assignments;c. Passenger entertainment and communication;d. Air traffi c control;9) More than ________ computers, monitors, and TVs become obsolete each;year.;a. 10 million;b. 100 million;c. 10 billion;d. 100 billion;10) What is a school?s code of conduct for computers users called?;a. Computer usage agreement;b. Acceptable use policy;c. Computer conduct agreement;d. Associated usage principals;11) Which of the following would NOT be considered correct netiquette?;a. Reading the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document posted on a mailing;list prior to submitting a question;b. Avoiding slang and jokes in professional e-mail;c. Using all capital letters in an e-mail response;d. Learning and using Internet Relay Chat (IRC) abbreviations in the same way;as other users;Challenge Examination;12) Which of the following statements is TRUE concerning computer games and;violence?;a. The games industry has taken responsibility to minimize the violence in their;games.;b. Computer games are becoming more violent.;c. Playing computer games led to the Columbine tragedy.;d. Computer games cause players to be more violent and aggressive.;13) At the heart of every computer code of ethics is to;a. eliminate all potential computer bugs.;b. honor property rights and individual privacy.;c. avoid harm and protect human life.;d. fi ght software piracy.;14) Which of the following is NOT considered plagiarism?;a. Purchase a term paper from an Internet company and use it as the basis of;your own work for a college course.;b. Paste a paragraph of text from a Web page into an essay, but make modifi cations;to it before submission as your homework assignment.;c. Use a quote from a public speech on your history take-home exam, but cite;the orator in your bibliography.;d. With his consent, copy your friend?s algebra homework for submission to your;math instructor.;15) Plagiarizing copyrighted material is also known as;a. copyright theft.;b. copyright piracy.;c. unacceptable copyright use.;d. copyright infringement.;16) Which of the following activities is NOT permitted with a shareware product?;a. Keep the software on your computer system beyond the trial expiration date.;b. Use the software during the trial period and then delete it.;c. Copy a trial version to give to your friend for examination.;d. Download the software from the Internet and then install it on both your desktop;and laptop computers.;Challenge Examination;17) If software falls under the General Public License, it;a. can only legally be copied on one PC.;b. may be copied and used freely.;c. can be legally installed on one LAN.;d. may be copied to one PC then legally sold to another user.;18) Which of the following is NOT considered copyright infringement with respect;to a sound fi le?;a. Copying the song to a disk for your friend as encouragement to buy the album;b. Using a phrase of the music in a college term paper as an example of a particular;musical style;c. Downloading the song to play at a party and then deleting it the next day;d. Using part of the song as a jingle on your company Web site;19) Hypertext works by using;a. objects.;b. embedded commands.;c. hypermedia.;d. hyperlinks.;20) The fi rst successful graphical Web browser was called;a. Explorer.;b. Netscape.;c. Mozilla.;d. Mosaic.;21) In a Web browser, the Refresh button is used to;a. return to the home page.;b. exit from the browser.;c. go back to the page previously viewed.;d. obtain the latest content of the page being viewed.;22) HTTP is best defi ned as a;a. standard for the exchange of information on the Web.;b. markup language used to describe the format of Web pages.;c. programming language used to write Internet-related application software.;d. scripting language used to add dynamic content to Web pages.;Challenge Examination;23) Which of the following is an example of a top-level domain name?;a. www.;b. ftp;c. http://;;24) What is the name of the path that houses the Web page in the fi ctitious URL;given below?;a. welcome.htm;b. classroom;c. classroom/welcome.htm;d.;25) In a URL which of the following identifi es the location of a document on the;server?;a. Domain;b. Path;c. Director


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