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Programming Homework;1. Do Homework # 3, problem 2 using string. (This is homework #3, problem 2);2. (a) Write a C++ program that asks the user to enter up to a 5-digit positive integer;number and then reverses the order of the digits. The program outputs both numbers and;their square roots. An example of the execution of the problem is shown below. Your;program should work for 5-digits, 4-digits, 3-digits, 2-digits and 1-digit.;Please enter a 5-digits integer: (user inputs 12345);The square root of 12345 is: 111.108;The number in reverse is: 54321;The square root of 54321 is: 233.068;3. Write a program that prints at least 10 characters of your name (last, first) in uppercase;at the terminal. Use a n by m array (i.e., a two dimensional array, with n (=7) as size of;the first dimension and m (=10) as the second dimension) to represent each oversize;letter;My name is (last,first): (Alkhalifa,Duaij)


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