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1) Explain which one you should choose Memoized-Cut-Rod() or Cut-Rod(). Defend your decision by explaining the comparative advantages. In other words, where does the time saving come from? (5 points);2) What is the hidden cost when a recursive algorithm is implemented in a programming language? (5 points);3) Explain when you would consider Dynamic Programming over Divide-and-Conquer approach for a problem. What would be the nature of the problem? (3 points) Give a real-world problem where dynamic programming would be useful (2 points);4) Explain why we were able to use a) instead of b) (3 points) What is the main benefit doing so (2 points)?;a) max 1?i?n (p[i] + r(n-i));b) max 1?i?n (r(i) + r(n-i));Feel free to use drawings


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