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1. Short text messages sent via a text message service are typically fewer than how many characters?;a. 300b. 445 c. 500d. 700;2. Which of the following is not a determinant of the category in which a computer best fits?;a. resolutionb. speed c. price d. processing power;3. Which of the following protects against electrical power variations?;a. cloud computing b. surge protector c. server virtualization d. electronic leveling;4. Your desktop houses its system unit in a frame made of metal. What is the term for this frame?;a. CPUb. tower c. bundle d. server;5. What are the two main components on the motherboard?;a. system unit, memory;b. CPU, processor;c. processor, system unit;d. memory, processor;6. You need to restore a computer that has suffered a catastrophic failure. Which of the following are you most likely to use?;a. dedicated server b. domain name server c. backup server d. FTP server;7. You need to store and manage all the Microsoft Office files for your office. Which of the following are you most likely to use?;a. storage serverb. print server c. Web server d. database server;8. Your server room has ample floor space. Which of the following are you most likely to choose as a result?;a. tower server b. blade server c. rack server d. bay server;9. Which of the following do you need to verify that you are the holder of the bank card at your local bank branch?;a. skimmer b. account code c. PIN d. transaction ID;10. You go to your local town utility in order to pay your gas bill. Which of the following are you most likely to use?;a. vending kioskb. financial kiosk c. visitor kiosk d. utility kiosk;11. You are storing a new worksheet online for members of your project team to be able to share access to it. What kind of computing is this an example of?;a. cloudb. digital c. disperse d. liberated;12. A type of computer usually has thousands of users. Which of the following is most likely to be the type of computer?;a. supercomputerb. game console c. personal computer d. mobile computer;13. You are looking for a port that will work for an audio device. Which of the following is likeliest to work?;a. DVIb. Ethernet c. VGA d. HDMI;14. Which of the following may need to happen before your Bluetooth headset can communicate with your smartphone?;a. They might need to be coupled.;b. They might need to be adapted.;c. They might need to be synced.;d. They might need to be paired.;15. Your electric service has been failing with some frequency lately because of a lot of storms, and you are looking for more peace of mind when it comes to a reliable power source for your computer. Which of the following could help?;a. GPSb. Wi-Fi c. UPS d. server virtualization;True/ False;1. Peripheral devices usually occupy space inside a system unit.;2. Most extended warranties cover the repair and replacement of computer components beyond the standard warranty.;3. Batteries in a laptop, typically last longer than those in a tablet.;4. A mobile console is a device that combines features of a smartphone with a tablet, like the one shown in the accompanying figure.;5. One advantage of dedicated servers is that they usually do not demand as much memory or storage as other computers.;6. In a blade server, like in a rack server, the chassis is fastened in place to a flat surface.;7. An ATM is a self-service banking terminal that connects to a host computer through a network.;8. Some cloud computing services automatically add more network and server capacity to a company?s website as demand for services of the website increase.;9. Most computers and electronic devices are analog, which use continuous signals.;10. One common method of thwarting a smartphone thief is not to use the phone to check the time.;11. Point-and-shoot cameras are much heavier and larger than SLR cameras.;12. Features typically not found in cameras built into mobile phones include optical zoom, additional lenses, and scene modes.;13. At a higher resolution, you can capture and store more images in your digital camera.;14. Some users of e-books prefer the electronic paper black-and-white screen over the models with color screens because the electronic paper resembles a paper page from a book.;15. Some handheld game device models are Internet capable for downloading games and apps.;16. Teen drivers statistically are more susceptible to being distracted while driving.;17. A port replicator is similar to a docking station, but it has more functionality.;18. Mobile users are susceptible to hardware theft because the size and weight of their computers and devices make them easy to steal.;19. CTS is inflammation of a tendon due to repeated motion or stress on that tendon.;20. One symptom of technology addiction is the inability to stop using technology.


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