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GSP 315 part B project AI programming




1. Create an Entity Generator Class - This class should;a. Create entities to be used in the game;b. Have the ability to handle different types of entities;i. AI Bot Type 1 (i.e. Person);ii. AI Bot Type 2 (i.e. Car);c. Create a unique ID for each entity;2. Create an Entity Manager ? The Entity Manager should;a. have the ability to add entities to an entity map;b. have the ability to remove entities from the entity map;c. have the ability to obtain a pointer to any entity in the entity map, and;d. be created using a singleton design pattern.;3. The program should have the ability to create more entities during run time.;4. The program should contain a Message Dispatcher that will sort messages based upon dispatch time, and deliver messages to AI entities at the appropriate time.;5. Each entity should have message-handling capabilities ? should have the ability to;a. dispatch messages;b. receive messages;c. send messages;6. AI units should be controlled by a Finite State Machine (FSM).;a. The FSM should have an enter(), execute(), and exit() method for each state.;b. The FSM should incorporate the message handling system developed in the project.;c. A single FSM class should be created along with a State class, which will contain the specifics for each state to be executed in the FSM.;7. AI entities should have the following states.;a. Birth;i. This state should last five seconds.;ii. Upon exit, AI entity should move to Death State.;b. Death;i. This state should last eight seconds.;ii. Upon entry, a second AI entity should be created and put into the Birth State.;iii. Upon exit of this state, the AI entity should be removed from memory.;8. The program should run for a total of one minute.;9. Upon completion of program, the following statistics should be displayed.;a. Number of AI entities created;b. Amount of AI entities that were deleted;c. Total elapsed run time of program;10. Messaging should be used to tell entity to change state.;a. Upon entering a state, send a message to self to show the amount of time delay that the state uses.;b. Upon dispatch and receiving of message, entity will then update to the appropriate following state.;11. Send output to the screen upon the completion of each state. This output should state;a. Which entity is talking;b. What the entity has finished doing;c. Where the entity is going;12. The project should be created using a graphical API (DirectX, DarkGDK, etc) and should give visual confirmation of the AI entities moving from states.


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