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Networking II Homework




Intrasite vs Intersite Replication and Domain Functional Levels;Assume that you are an IT administrator for a company with an existing AD Forest. The company is adding two, new branch offices and you have been tasked with designing a replication strategy prior to DC deployment.;Branch 1 will be connected to the Main Office via a pair of bonded T1 lines and will contain a Call Center with high employee turnover.;Branch 2 will be in a very remote location and will be connected to the Main Office via a 56k POTS line.;What would you recommend for site-link protocols and replication schedule/frequency for the branches? Would you recommend having redundant links to each branch?;Participation Requirements;Your instructor will use the following points for evaluating your performance in this assessment;Did you provide a recommendation for site-link protocols?;Did you provide a replication schedule with frequency?;Did you provide a recommendation for or against redundant links to each branch?


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