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1. The following is a message in ASCII. What does it say?;010010010010000001110111011000010110111001110100001000000111010001;101111001000000110011101100101011101000010000001100001011011100010;000001000001001000000110100101101110001000000111010001101000011010;0101110011001000000110001101101100011000010111001101110011;2. The following is a message coded in ASCII using one byte per character and then represented in hexadecimal notation. What is the message?;4469736372657465204D617468656D617469637320697320434F4F4C21;3. Convert each of the following binary representations to its equivalent base-ten representation. Show your work step by step.;10001;0000111;01011100;110101;4. Convert each of the following base-ten representations to its equivalent two?s complement in 7 bits. Show all of your work.;12;-2;-8;22;0;Define the highest and lowest integer that can be represented in this 7-bit two?s complement representation.;5. What bit patterns are represented by the following hexadecimal notations? Show all of your work.;9A88;4AF6;DA;AD


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