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Basic Concepts and Social Data




SOC 1013: Introduction to Sociology;Assignment 1: Basic Concepts and Social Data;2/11/14;Spring 2014;Due;Date;NAME;STUDENT ID #;Instructions: Closely read all questions and answer accordingly. Responses should be;typed, and should be reported in complete and concise sentences, unless otherwise;specified. Assignments are due at the beginning of class on February 11, 2014. Failure to;submit a copy by the deadline day and time will result in a score of 0.;Questions 1 - 4 are based upon the test scores for the first exam of my Research Methods;course. The following are the scores;52, 46, 88, 92, 68, 82, 96, 74, 78, 64, 68, 82, 80, 84, 82, 76, 82, 60, 78;Using the above scores, calculate and report each of the following in a clear and complete;sentence;1. Test Score Mean;2. Test Score Median;3. Test Score Mode;Given the following letter grade code: (A = 100-90, B = 89-80, C = 79-70, D = 60-69, F = below;60);4. What percent of students failed the test? Answer with a complete sentence;Questions 5 - 11 are based on information collected at the beginning of last semester?s SOC;1013 class. Students were asked how many children they wanted to have and raise, among;a number of questions. Their responses allow us to better understand how family size;preferences are influenced by a variety of factors. In the table just below, frequencies of;desired children are reported by students? sex.;Table 1: Desired Number of Children by Students? Sex;# of Children;Male;Female;Wanted;0;21;48;1;42;65;2;50;41;3;31;20;4;22;8;5;13;2;Total;179;184;First, examine the above data to answer the following;Total;69;107;91;51;30;15;363;5. Compare the mean of male students for children wanted with the mean of female;students for;children wanted. (Your answer should be provided in at least one clear;and complete sentence.);6. Compare the median of male students for children wanted with the median of female;students for children wanted. (Your answer should be provided in at least one clear and;complete;sentence.);7. Compare the percent of male students who reported wanting no children with the;percent of;female students who reported wanting no children. (Your answer should;be provided in at least;one clear and complete sentence.);8. Next write a brief summary of the data contained in Table 1. You should consider;important;differences between male and female students regarding numbers of;children wanted. (Your;response should consist of at least 2 clear and complete;sentences.);Table 2: Desired Number of Children by Parents? Education Level;# of;Neither;Only One;Both Parents;Children;Parent went;Parent went to;went to;Wanted;to College;College;College;0;8;19;42;1;24;39;44;2;25;31;35;3;21;15;15;4;15;8;7;5;10;4;1;Total;103;116;144;Total;69;107;91;51;30;15;363;Examine Table 2 and answer the following (answers should be in clear and complete;sentences);9. Identify and compare means for desired number of children across all three parent;educational;categories. (Your answer should be provided in at least one clear and;complete sentence.);10. Identify and compare percents of students wanting 3 or more children across all;three parent;educational categories. (Your answer should be provided in at least one;clear and complete sentence.);11. Does there seem to be an association between students? desired family size and their;parents? education level? If so, describe the nature of that association. (Your response;should consist of at least 2 clear and complete sentences.)


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