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iLab: Verification of Network Theorems by simulation;Lab Exercise: This will be simulation lab using MultiSim to understand the different network theorems.;Scenario/Summary: At least two of thefollowing simulations must be attempted by the student.;Verify Loop Analysis Method by MultiSim simulation;Verify Superpposition Theorem Method by MultiSim simulation;Verify Thevinin?s Theorem Method by MultiSim simulation;The circuits must be containing resistors and one or two reactive components. Actual circuit descriptions are left to the discretion of the instructor.;Deliverables;Using pencil and paper, complete the assigned Laboratory Projects and then using one of the options described in the Syllabus (scan, digital picture, or Word/Equation Editor), submit your work to the iLab Dropbox for this week.;Your Week 5 lab submission should include;? Detailed calculations for the theorems on the circuits that you choose to prove;? Screenshots of the simulation circuits and meter measurements;? Discussions;o Summary of steps;o Summary of findings ? Make comparisons between calculations and simulations;? Conclusion;o Conclude the entire lab in one or two paragraphs;o The major points learned (how experiment results support the theories)


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