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Web Technology Essay




Short Answer (1 ? 2 Words);1. What is a graphic that appears to be animated?;2. Changes to society and cultures through technology are referred to as?.;3. What is the ability to protect IP referred to as?;4. What are charts / graphics generally referred to as?;5. Online business is generally referred to as?;Brief Answer (1 ? 2 Sentences);1. What is Digital Media? Provide a real-world example.;2. What is participatory media? Provide a real-world example.;3. What value does an infographic provide?;4. Is peer to peer sharing of material illegal?;5. Name three societal impacts resulting from increase of digital media.;6. What is the difference between usability and accessibility?;Essay (5? 10 Sentences);1. What is Web Technology? Define and provide two examples of web technology and where is has been implemented.;2. How has digitization changed the manner in which society consumes information?;3. How has perception of information by the public changed as a result of digital media?;4. What are some of the means used by individuals to conduct identify theft and how can it be prevented?;5. How have brick and mortar businesses been affected by online business?;6. How do you effectively evaluate web / online resources?


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