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Compression Encryption




Complete the following configuration entries;1. On your Windows Server 2008 system, create a folder on the C: drive called ?your initials_BellLabs?.;Within this folder, create two more folders called ?your initials_Compression? and ?your initials_Encryption?;(Take a screen shot).;2. Assign the user CShannon Full Control NTFS permissions to ?your initials_BellLabs? (Take a screen shot).;3. Share the folder called ?your initials_BellLabs? as ?mysharedBellLabs?;Assign the Binary group Change share permissions to this folder. (Take a screen shot).;4. Enable compression on the folder called ?your initials_Compression? (Take a screen shot). Write a 100;word description of the pros and cons of compression.;5. Enable encryption on the folder called ?your initials_Encryption?. (Take a screen shot). Write a 100 word;description of the pros and cons of file and folder encryption.;6. Set a disk quota limit of 400 MB and a warning level of 100 MB on the C: drive for CShannon (Take a;screen shot). Write a 100 word summary of the configuration and management of disk quotas.


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