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Special Topics in Network Administration




OmSai will do this work...thanks anyways for the other tutors, no need to send handshake...thanks for your attention.;Assignment Guidelines;? Research the symptoms of underperforming networks.;? Use the following questions as a guideline for your paper;o What are 5 symptoms of an underperforming network?;? Describe each symptom.;o What tools can be used to properly diagnose and correct these network problems?;o How do these tools accomplish proper symptom diagnosis and correction?;? The content of your research paper should be written in a 3?7-page double-spaced Microsoft Word document.;o This does not include a title page or a list of references.;? You may use section headings and bullets to organize your research paper.;? All in-text citations and references should be in APA format.;Your submitted assignment (125 points) must include the following;? A 3?7-page double-spaced research paper that addresses the 3 questions listed in the assignment guidelines with regard to network symptoms and diagnostic tools.;? A title page that includes your name, course number, and unit number.;? A reference list in APA format.


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