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BUIS.200C0A Introduction to Business Systems Exam 3




If you are looking for something else, email me at;Question 1;During the ____ phase of the SDLC, a preliminary analysis of requirements is conducted.;Answer;a.implementation;b.planning;;d.requirements gathering and analysis;2 points;Question 2;The ____ approach incorporates varying viewpoints from different functional areas of an organization to help ensure that collected requirements for the application aren?t too narrow and one-dimensional in focus;Answer;a.JAD;b.External;c.XP;d.Four Ws;2 points;Question 3;Integrating ____ into the SDLC process is a good idea to ensure the system?s success.;Answer;a.intangible benefits;b.feasibility checkpoints;c.operating costs;d.RAD;2 points;Question 4;Are there any political repercussions of using the system? is a question that should be considered when assessing ____ feasibility.;Answer;a.technical;b.economic;c.operational;;2 points;Question 5;users include customers, contractors, suppliers, and other business partners.;Answer;a.Task force;b.External;c.Joint;d.Internal;2 points;Question 6;A ____ helps break down a complex process into simpler, more manageable, and more understandable subprocesses.;Answer;a.conceptual use model;b.flowchart; flow diagram;d.context diagram;2 points;Question 7;During the design phase, the ____ design involves selecting a specific platform such as Dell servers running Ubuntu Linux.;Answer;a.CASE;b.logical;c.hardware;d.physical;2 points;Question 8;A ____ prototype is used to determine a system?s technical feasibility.;Answer;a.proof-of-concept;b.CASE;c.selling;d.requirements-based;2 points;Question 9;In ____ conversion, the old and new systems run simultaneously for a short time to ensure that the new system works correctly.;Answer;a.pilot;b.parallel;c.phased-in-phased-out;d.plunge;2 points;Question 10;divides a project into smaller functions, and developers can?t go on to the next phase until the current phase is finished.;Answer;a.XP;b.RAD;c.Agile;d.JAD;2 points;Question 11;The ____ approach to implementation can save the cost of hiring additional staff and meet the demands for more timely development of information systems projects.;Answer;a.insourcing;b.outsourcing;c.self-sourcing;d.tempsourcing;2 points;Question 12;A(n) ____ system is used to coordinate operations, resources, and decision making between manufacturing, production, marketing, and human resources.;Answer;a.SCM;b.CRM;c.Web portal;d.ERP;2 points;Question 13;In service organizations, the links in the supply chain include ____.;Answer;a.hardware;;c.service providers;;2 points;Question 14;Order transmissions are part of the ____ flow in the SCM.;Answer;a.information;b.product;c.finances;d.location;2 points;Question 15;enables business partners to send and receive information on business transactions.;Answer;a.EDI;b.ERP;c.Supply chain;d.SCM;2 points;Question 16;invite sellers to submit bids for products and services.;Answer;a.Maintenance, repair, and operations services;b.E-marketplaces;c.CPFR;d.Reverse auctions;2 points;Question 17;Transaction data for a CRM system might be gathered using ____.;Answer;a.a business plan; store loyalty cards;c.a RFID chip;d.inventory numbers;2 points;Question 18;The main goal of a(n) ____ system is to improve services offered to customers and use customer contact information for targeted marketing.;Answer;a.SCM;b.CPFR;c.CRM;d.ERP;2 points;Question 19;, suggests products you might enjoy, based on your past browsing and purchasing habits, this is an example of ____.;Answer;a.personalization;b.customization;c.customer relationship management; chain management;2 points;Question 20;searches for specific information or patterns, using input from multiple business partners and data sources.;Answer;a.Customization;b.Knowledge management;c.Personalization;d.Collaborative filtering;2 points;Question 21;is a technique used to improve CRM systems (and many other systems) by identifying, storing, and disseminating ?know-how??facts about how to perform tasks.;Answer;a.Personalization;b.Collaborative filtering;c.Knowledge management;d.E-marketing;2 points;Question 22;The ____ component of a ERP system collects and analyzes relevant internal and external data and information.;Answer; chain;b.e-commerce;c.unified database;d.CRM;2 points;Question 23;Research and development is an examples of a(n) ____ task.;Answer;a.structured;b.unstructured;c.semistructured;d.automated;2 points;Question 24;The decision maker defines associations between alternatives and criteria during the ____ phase of the decision-making process.;Answer;a.implementation;b.intelligence;;d.choice;2 points;Question 25;Peter G. Keen, a former MIT professor, conducted an interesting study on how organizations use DSSs and concluded that the decision to build a DSS seems to be based on ____.;Answer;a.value;b.cost;c.executive buy-in;d.tangible benefits;2 points;Question 26;The ____ component of a DSS is what users make use of to access the DSS.;Answer;a.database;b.user interface;c.DSS engine;d.model base;2 points;Question 27;The ____ is responsible for specifying data requirements, what models are needed, and how these models might be used.;Answer;a.technical designer;b.model builder;c.end users;d.managerial designer;2 points;Question 28;A(n) ____ must provide access to both internal and external data.;Answer;a.EIS;b.MIS;c.DSS;d.GIS;2 points;Question 29;Microsoft SharePoint provides a ____.;Answer;a.GIS; dashboard;c.model base;d.waypoint system;2 points;Question 30;A GIS includes ____, which might show the location of an airport.;Answer;a.lines;b.areas;c.points;d.regions;2 points;Question 31;City and county administrators rely on ____ for dispatching personnel and equipment to crime and fire locations and for maintaining crime statistics.;Answer;a.DDSs;b.EISs;c.groupware;d.GISs;2 points;Question 32;When implementing a management support system, ____ to ensure that key decision makers are involved in designing the MSS.;Answer;a.keep the lines of communication open;b.hide complexity;c.keep the look and feel consistent;d.define objectives and benefits clearly;2 points;Question 33;Network administrators use ____ technology to have antivirus updates downloaded on employees? workstations automatically.;Answer;a.ASP;b.pull;c.SaaS;d.push;2 points;Question 34;With the ____ model, users don?t need to be concerned with new software versions and compatibility problems because the ASP offers the most recent version of the software.;Answer;a.SaaS;b.CAVE;c.VR;d.RFID;2 points;Question 35;When using a(n) ____, IS personnel time is freed up to focus on applications, such as customer relationship management and financial information systems, that are more important strategically to the organization.;Answer;a.ASP;b.CAVE;c.VR;d.RFID;2 points;Question 36;uses computer-generated, three-dimensional images to create the illusion of interaction in a real-world environment.;Answer;a.Nanotechnology;b.WiMAX;c.VR technology;d.Wi-fi;2 points;Question 37;In grid computing, each participant in a grid is referred to as a ?____.?;Answer;a.node;b.CAVE;c.cell;d.tag;2 points;Question 38;technology uses special hardware and software to give users the feeling of being part of an environment.;Answer;a.Simulation;b.Immersion;c.Telepresence;d.Interaction;2 points;Question 39;technology gives users the sense that they?re in another location, even one geographically far away, and can manipulate objects as though they?re actually in that location.;Answer;a.Telepresence;b.Immersion;c.Interaction;d.Simulation;2 points;Question 40;components of a VR system enable users to see and hear the virtual world.;Answer;a.Walker;b.Visual and aural;c.Manual navigation control;d.Central coordinating processor and software system;2 points;Question 41;Some engineering companies use _____ to improve product design and development.;Answer;a.CAVEs;b.nanotechnology;c.RFIDs;d.SaaS;2 points;Question 42;Users interact via avatars in a(n) ____.;Answer;a.telepresence system; computing environment;c.virtual world;d.RFID system;2 points;Question 43;computing is a platform incorporating many recent technologies under one platform.;Answer;a.Grid;b.Cloud;c.On-demand;d.Utility;2 points;Question 44;have been added to sports gear, such as tennis and golf balls and tennis rackets, to make them more durable and improve their responsiveness.;Answer;a.Data gloves;b.Nanometers;c.Nanomaterials;d.RFID tags;2 points;Question 45;A primary key field is used to ensure that each record is;Answer;a.unique.;b.duplicated.;c.valid.;d.saved.;2 points;Question 46;is an expression that precisely defines the range of data that will be accepted in a field.;Answer;a.Validation rule;b.Validation text;c.Range expression;d.Required;2 points;Question 47;A(n) _________ is a field property that determines the data that can be entered, how;the data displays, and how the data is stored.;Answer;a.index;b.default value;c.field size;d.input mask;2 points;Question 48;A relational database avoids ______ data, helps to reduce errors, and saves space.;Answer;a.table;b.relational;c.redundant;d.common;2 points;Question 49;The default data type in Design View for any new field is ________.;Answer;a.lookup wizard;b.currency;c.text;d.number;2 points;Question 50;A(n) ________ is a special list created in Access to speed up searches and sorting.;Answer;a.index;b.catalog;;d.relationship


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