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Week5 sec 360 Data Privacy and Security "Kim Woods"




Physical Security Simulation Report;Compose a report on student experience in performing the Physical Security survey. Students will write a 250--500 word report (double-spaced) on experiences in the Physical Security Simulation.;Note: The correct information for the physical security survey is provided at the end of the simulation. The people who were interviewed were aware ahead of time that the survey was to take place and were also aware of the problems of concern to management.;Students should focus on the problems of acquiring good information through a physical security survey. Did the people you interviewed mislead you (either intentionally or unintentionally)? How did you go about obtaining good or correct information?;The purpose of this project is to make students aware of some important issues that arise in a facility security survey.;Grading Rubric for this Assignment;Quality of content: 100% of points, however, points will be deducted for poor grammar and punctuation.;Note: Point deductions beyond this rubric can be made for work that does not have the minimum word count and/or if the work is not original (meaning written exclusively by the student).;Instructions: Physical Security Simulation;Hello. These instructions are for the DeVry simulation, Physical Security Survey. You;should read these first in order to get the most out of the interactive experience.;In the simulation, you will;See example letters that you might encounter as a security professional. Meet with a;management team or security committee.;Explore a facility and take notes of relevant information. Conduct;informal interviews onsite.;Fill out a mock ?abridged? physical security survey. Compare it to the;conclusions of your interactive character.;Setup;You are a junior member of Top Notch Security, a well respected Security Consultancy known;for its thorough Physical Security Surveys. In the past, you have gone out on assignment to;shadow your experienced mentor, Walther P. Kaye. In this simulation, he?ll get you started;and then accompany you to add his experienced insights while you conduct the survey;yourself.;Navigation;Once you have been introduced to the client?s security committee members, you and Walther;will have access to all of the rooms at both of the client?s buildings. Each area on the map will;start as blue, indicating that there are more observations to be made in that area. When that;area has been ?solved? that portion of the map will change to green. When all areas on the;map have changed to green, the simulation will be complete.;Observations and Interviews;In each area accessible from the map, there will be objects to observe and people to;interview. It is recommended that you mouse-click on all active objects in order to learn more;about them. To interview a character, initiate a dialogue by mouse-clicking on the character.;The characters in this simulation have been programmed to respond to your actions, and may;be more or less helpful depending on your choices and order of exploration. Some of the;characters are not as honest as others, and may require more than one interview before the;area is solved. If you do not get the desired information from the character initially, try;exploring some of the objects in the room or speaking to other characters, and then come;back to the character for a second try. They may be more reasonable once they see you mean;business.;Abridged Physical Security Survey;For use with this simulation, we have supplied a greatly shortened Physical Security Survey;form that you can use to take notes as you go through the areas. It may be beneficial to you;to have this form handy while you explore the simulation.;? DeVry, Inc. Instructions for Physical Security Survey Simulation;Prescreen - Physical Security Survey;Prepared for Janet Garret, Director of Security;Magnolia Utility Citizens? Cooperative;By Top Notch Security;Number of employees: 32;Operating Hours;Cash Management Area, Electric Way, 10a.m. to Noon, 2p.m. to 5p.m. Cash;Management Area, South Street, 8a.m. to 6p.m.;Warehouse, Tool and Equipment Distribution Center, 5a.m. to Midnight Vehicle;Yard, hours.;Interviewed;1. What police agency has jurisdiction over the site?;2. Has the site terminated anyone for theft, fraud, etc., or drug related;activities?;3. Do theft reports reflect patterns, trends, or particular problems at this;location?;4. What does site management regard as the most prevalent or serious;security problem (actual or potential)?;5. What are the site's most theft attractive assets?;6. Does the site have a Security Committee? Who are the members?;7. Is the site properly posted with respect to search and trespass?;8. Do they have a policy of reporting identifiable items of stolen property to;the local police?;? DeVry, Inc. Instructions for Physical Security Survey Simulation;9. Is the operations area perimeter adequately lighted?;10.Is lighting compatible with CCTV?;11.Are sensitive areas (parking lots, computer areas, stores, tool;rooms, shipping/receiving areas) adequately lighted?;12.How many officers per shift?;13.Are there current post orders, specific duties in written form for;security officers?;14.Are security facilities adequate and are unauthorized people kept out;of the gatehouse(s)?;15.Is a current list of authorized signatures (for keys) maintained at;the gatehouse?;16.Is an incident log maintained?;17.Does site utilize photo I.D. cards?;18.Are all employees required to show photo I.D. card to security;personnel upon entry?;19.Is the site completely fenced?;20.Is the site posted as Private Property / No Trespassing? With whom;does physical and administrative key control rest?;? DeVry, Inc. Instructions for Physical Security Survey Simulation;21.Are keys signed in/out in a daily log?;22.Is an electronic security alarm system in use here?;23.Who responds to alarms?;24.Who performs custodial services?;25.Do the janitors have access to restricted or sensitive areas;(shipping/receiving, stores, tools, computers)?;26.Are the janitors permitted to take keys off the site with them?;27.How much cash is in kept on site?;28.Considering the neighborhood the site is located in, and the amount;of cash on site, how do you assess the vulnerability to robbery?;29.Does the site have a clean desk policy?;30.Is security awareness included in the new hire orientation?;31.What overall security improvements could be made?


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