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SYSTEMS DESIGN PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS;For your final assignment in this course, you will create a project using the requirements outlined;below. You may use your own place of business (preferred) or an existing business that will allow you;to perform these exercises. Answers such as ?Yes? or ?No? are not sufficient to respond to these;questions.;The Business;?Intimate Expressions? provide a romance concierge service for its clients. This can be anything;from providing a romantic interlude at the client?s home or booking a romantic getaway in the Islands.;Although the business formally launched in October 2013 they have been assisting clients for a little;over a year. They are on a manual system and just recently installed a website to attract clients. They;have contracts with vendors (restaurants, bed and breakfast, hotels, etc) that they use in creating their;romance interludes for their clients. There is no database to track clients etc. This is a small business;with only a few staff members.;Instructions;(Text Used: Systems Analysis & Design with UML Version 2.0 An Object Oriented Approach 4th;Edition;Dennis, Wixom, Tegarden);Final Project Requirements;Create an entire SDLC process that will bring added value to a business. Use of the following is;mandatory;1. Planning Phase;a. Identify the project?what is it supposed to do?;b. Determine the methodology to be used, describe, in detail, why you chose this;methodology;c. Define/determine business requirements and describe the techniques you will use to;gather this information;2. Analysis Phase;a. Describe how this project will bring added value to the business. This should be in the;form of an actual presentation outline, such as one would read while doing a Power;Point presentation to the Board;a.i. Determine who the key players are;a.ii. Describe any known or possible issues that might arise as to why the project will;not be approved;b. Along with the outline, prepare a Use Case diagram for the new system?ensure you;consider staffing, budgets, training, maintenance, etc.;3. Design Phase;a. Determine the hardware and software requirements;a.i. Will the existing infrastructure support the project?;a.i.1.;If not, describe in detail what will be needed.;a.ii. Is new hardware required?;a.iii. Is new software required?;a.iii.1.;If new software is required, how will it be obtained?;BMIS 351;a.iii.2.;Is the existing database adequate?;b. Create the Project work plan, complete with (projected) timelines using a Gantt chart.;4. Implementation Phase;a. Describe how the system is to be implemented, Phased? Turn key? Mirrored? Parallel?;b. Describe why the implementation you chose is the best for this project.


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