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Assessment on the Network?s Health




Assignment Background Information;After evaluating and completing support for high-definition IP cameras to enhance security for DeVry University, you have completed a design of the network switching infrastructure that fully supports both the existing data traffic and the additional HD camera traffic, according to requirements. Last week, you discussed your template of configurations with the network manager.;Over the past couple of months, the university has experienced a number of issues with Layer 2 loops and the loss of VLANs. We discovered that a student connected a switch that was purchased at a local garage sale to the network and inadvertently bridged the network, causing a Layer 2 loop. The switch also wiped out the VLANs on the upstream switches. Be sure to describe how your implementation will prevent this type of problem in the future.;Your manager is concerned with the network?s inability to self-heal when experiencing these types of network issues. As the network engineer, he has asked you to do a network assessment on the network?s health and how to prepare the network for any future STP and VTP issues.;Design Requirements;Your configuration template should address each of the following requirements.;1. Layer 2 spanning-tree loop avoidance;a. Spanning-tree mode (RSTP, MST or STP);b. STP loop avoidance features;2. VTP mode standardization;a. Server and Client;a. VTP version;b. VTP authentication scheme;c. VTP pruning;b. Transparent;c. VTP trunking protocol;a. 802.1dq(dot1q);b. ISL;3. Deliverables;You are required to prepare a detailed network report for your manager at the next scheduled meeting.;Your report should follow these guidelines.;1. Describe in detail all issues associated with Layer 2 loops and VTP. Which switches in your recommended design should be STP roots for which VLANs? Which STP mode do you recommend? Justify your selection.;2. Present best design practices to minimize Layer 2 loops and VTP.;3. Note: Now that you have gained more knowledge about the construction and operation of a switch-based network, you may realize that your original design needs to be modified. This is not unusual. If you discover that you need to modify your original design or standardized configuration, resubmit your topology or configuration, identify any changes that you made, and explain in your report what you learned that prompted you to make the modification and describe how it will improve the operation of the network.;IMPORTANT: A report template is provided beginning on the next page, and you must use it to submit your assignment. Before submitting your assignment, delete the first pages of this document containing the instructions.;Your submitted assignment should begin with the title page and only contain your report.


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