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You should select a data storage problem of your interest and identify the various pieces of data that;should be stored in a database.;Make sure that your Term Paper follows the following format/outline;1) Term Paper Abstract;2) Purpose and goal of the project;3) Users and administrators;4) How is this work being done now, without the database and how will the database specifically improve;the process;5) Data elements to be involved: entities, attributes - High Level;6) Platform to be used: what type of database. (i.e. Short term will use MS Access, for ease of use and;prototyping but long term will switch to a more robust platform like MS SQL, or Oracle, or remain in MS;Access);7) Take the database through the normalization process and design the actual database tables.;8) Do include the functional dependency analysis;9) Do include any Primary and Foreign Key designation, as needed, as well as an explanation of why you;designated them as such.;10) Document the whole process and information in MS Word document. Especially make sure that you;include the description of the various entities, attributes in detail, their inter-relationship and the way the;database is going to be used.;You should submit your term project proposal in Week 6 for approval by the instructor and submit the;completed work in the final week in a Word Document (1,000 word minimum) Relevant parts of the;Project Proposal may be incorporated in the above outline, modified from earlier versions/submissios as;needed;Thanks and good luck!;Submission;To submit your assignment, enter text in the Submission Text box below and/or attach one or more;files and then click Submit. Save your work frequently.;An * designates a required field.;1) Name and main idea of the project ? Ticketing system for IT issues;2) Purpose and goal of the project ? to better organize data from current ticketing system;3) Possible users and administrators ? Helpdesk personnel run/manage the database;4) How is this work being done now, without the database and how will the database specifically;improve the process. The helpdesk uses an excel spreadsheet to capture IT tickets. Using a;database will clean up and organize the data used to track tickets;5) Data elements to be involved: entities, attributes;6) Platform to be used: what type of database. (i.e. Short term will use MS Access, for ease of;use and prototyping but long term will switch to a more robust platform like MS SQL, or Oracle;or remain in MS Access);Computer Ticket Growth;Today the topic that was chosen to write about was the computer ticketing growth of an;information technology company. This was chosen due to the company having issues with their;current in place ticket tracking system. The manager of the company would like to have a more;efficient way of collecting data for his workers on the helpdesk at his company. The manager;would like to move away from using Microsoft Excel and utilize Microsoft Access. He believes;this will speed up the process of manipulating data that is creating by his workers. It will also;help to search and find data that is already in the system.;The main project idea is the management of computer ticket data growth for companies;utilizing an excel spreadsheet to capture Information Technology tickets. Managing data growth;and at the same time improving administrative efficiency requires a lot of work on the help;desk?s part making initial inputs and updates to the database. The users would be the workers of;the organization and would have a database administrator solely managing the database.;This manager would ask for feedback from the database workers on issues with the;database, taking ideas that would make the database run faster and more resourcefully. The;database would improve the process by speeding up query times when the users need to pull;information for a customer or for statistical data on any tickets that were open or on hold. This;will speed up the process by converting the data to a Microsoft Access database to organize the;information within the database. This will increase productivity because the workers will have;the capability to search and find new and old tickets promptly. Then the workers can work on;the ticket that was found and help the customer and cut down on time that is normally wasted;searching for that specific ticket.;Entities would be one of the main data elements that would be used in the database. The;entities will be used to identify and describe all pertinent data, such as customer, what type;computer issue, and resolution used by the organization applications. It is important because the;resolution entity can be re-used with the different types of tickets or tickets with the same issue.;When using an entity with a ticket, it can create elements and use them within the data entity.;Attributes will help to make the database more efficient. This will alleviate any inconsistencies;in the table making it easier to search and find data concerning tickets.;Microsoft Excel is what the company is currently using to capture all of their work-related data.;Excel is causing a lot of inconsistencies when searching for tickets. Some workers have inputted;tickets incorrectly and it is causing erroneous data, make the task of searching for documents;very time consuming. The data will then be converted over to Microsoft Access. The database;could be transferred over to MS SQL, if a more hearty application is needed, but will try Access;first.


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