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Task Assignment;Below you will find a question the areas of automata. Solve the problem showing all steps. Thoroughly explain how and why you performed each step with complete sentences.;A finite-state automaton is given by the 5-tuple (Q,?,?, q, F);Where;Q = the finite set of states = {A, B, C};? = the Alphabet (inputs) = {x, y};? = the transition function using the alphabet as inputs to the states;q = the initial state = {A};F = Accepting (or final) state = {C};The transition table for the automaton is given by;??;x y;A A B;B A C;C A C;(i). Draw the corresponding transition diagram (digraph).;(ii). Provide 5 strings that are in the language generated by the automaton.;(iii). Provide 5 strings, that use the same inputs, which are not in the language generated by the automata.;(iv). Write a general statement that describes when a string is part of the language generated by the above automata and when that string is not in the language.


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