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Can someone help me with this Northwind database work? There are two very involved questions.




1st part;You are hired by Northwind as a Database administrator.;You are required to integrate some Database script solutions into their existing database (Northwind) to modify data from within the database.;Using the Northwind database, write a SQL DML statement that will modify the data. Base it on the following requirements;Using the Northwind database, write a script to insert the following data: 1 new Category;Category Name = Fast Food;Category Description = Quick and Easy Meals;Provide a SELECT statement to show that the data was inserted.;Add the following products for your new Fast-Food category. Product Name = French Fries;Supplier Name = Ma Maison;Category Name = Fast Food;QuantityPerUnit = 20 Sticks;UnitPrice = 4.99;UnitsInStock = 10;UnitsOnOrder = 25;ReorderLevel = 10;Disabled = 0;Product Name = Hamburger;Supplier Name = Grandma Kelly's Homestead;Category Name = Fast Food;QuantityPerUnit = 1 Patty;Unit Price 6.99;UnitsInStock = 0;UnitsOnOrder = 50;ReorderLevel = 5;Disabled = 0;Provide a SELECT statement to show that the data was inserted.;In an attempt to liquidate some products, provide a script to set all products in the Confections category that have more than 50 units in stock to a price of $10, and disable them. 2 records should be affected.;Change the discount in the Order Details table on all orders of products of an ordered quantity of more than 50 to that of the largest discount ever given on any product. 159 records should be affected;You have decided against the new Fast-Food category.;Provide a SQL statement to delete the Fast-Food category as well as any products assigned to that category;2nd part;You have seen how a database can be set up and accessed. Next, you will look at various applications that could utilize a database. Choose 1 of the database applications or implementations below;Knowledge management;Data warehousing;Data mining;Digital libraries;Object-oriented databases;I chose digital libraries;Write a paper that describes the topic in detail. Include a discussion on the following subject areas;History or background;Database and DBMS requirements;Database or schema object considerations and design implications;Considerations to integrate the database application into an existing user system;Real-world examples of an implementation


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