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This is the exact assignment from the teacher;What is GOOGLE? Imagine you are trying to explain GOOGLE to a person who has been beamed into the 21st Century from the 1980s. This person knows about computers. The personal PC is just starting to make a impact in schools and homes (not just businesses), but most people use the computer for nothing more than a glorified typewriter. How would you explain the internet with a focus on GOOGLE as a major component of the web.;You will need to briefly introduce the concept of the internet, then transition to a description of web browsing (including listing a few other web browsers other than GOOGLE and provide a few directions for doing a good web search), then identify and explain GOOGLE as a company that helps you utilize the web (describing all the things you have learned about GOOGLE).;You will need to do a decent amount of research for this essay and include a bibliography for this essay. This essay should be about 3 to 5 pages long and in proper grammatical format. You should attach a word document to the link.;Write a 3-5 page essay including the following elements;Briefly introduce the concept of the internet;Identify a few web browsers and describe their function and how you use them (ie: give examples of search techniques).;Research GOOGLE and describe how it helps you navigate the internet and offers more services beyond web browsing.;Provide a proper bibliography of your websites you used for your research. You do not have to use citations within the essay, just provide a bibliography that includes more than 10 web resources you used to write the essay. You may also use the resources I provided, but you must find at least 10 additional resources beyond the links I provided (but you may include my links in the biography if you used them for information/research to help you write the essay).;SO APPROX 4 PAGES ABOUT GOOGLE, DOUBLE SPACED, WITH 10 RESOURCES. THEY DON'T HAVE TO BE CITIED IN THE ESSAY JUST LISTED IN THE BIB IN AMA FORMAT. DOESN'T HAVE TO BE LIKE A PROFESSIONAL RESEARCH PAPER, JUST NOT PLAGURIZED.


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