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COMP122 Structured Programming




Part A;Advanced 3G systems like LTE and 802.16e (WiMax) use OFDM. So do all potential 4G systems like LTE-Advanced and 802.16m. Even digital video broadcasts are now OFDM. Prior 3G standards, like UMTS and EVDO, predominantly used CDMA.(3-4 paragraphs);Why has this shift occurred?;Do you feel it is for the better?;What specific cross-layer optimizations are unique to OFDMA?;How have these affected this migration?;Why did standards such as GSM and TDMA flourish before?;Would a different solution have made better sense?;?What trends do you see?APA format;Part B;Different access methods, such as OFDMA, SDMA, TDMA, CDMA, and FDMA, rely on cross-layer optimization to different degrees. The most common cross-layer issues are scheduling modulation type and setting power control. Complete the following for your assignment;Describe the advantages of each access method in doing cross-layer optimization correctly.;What are the costs of doing it poorly? (2-3 pages) APA Format


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