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An agent recently provided me with a sample for assignment for writing code in C# for a checkbook organizer application. The next assignment is a continuation of the checkbook organizer. Can you assist? If need be I can send you the original zip file that was previously sent for the original assignment.;Attached is a screenshot of a sample of how the finished product should appear.;View Full Image;The instructions for the continuation are below.;Extended Checkbook Organizer;A transaction is NOW defined as the following;? Date of Transaction;? Transaction Number (Deposit) or Check Number/ATM Transaction Number (Check, Debit, ATM Withdrawal, etc.);? Transaction Amount;? Transaction Type (Debit or Credit);? Transaction Description;Expand the Checkbook Organizer from Assignment #1 to include the expanded transaction definition provided above. Create a visual Transaction Register that allows the user to view the transactions. The user should be able to double click a specific transaction and view the following details in another window that can be closed with a button click;? Complete transaction information (see definition above);? Current Account Balance, Credit Total and Debit Total as they were at the time of that transaction.;Include the same total tracking and navigation from Assignment #1.;Assignment Requirements;1. Windows application that includes all requirements from Assignment #1 PLUS the expanded Transaction definition;2. Provide a visual Transaction Register that provides an ongoing view of the transactions currently entered along with the Account Balance, Credit and Debit Totals.;3. The user must be able to double click a single transaction in the register and view the Transaction details along with the Account, Credit and Debit balances as they were at the time of the transaction in a separate window.;4. Navigation will be the same as Assignment #1, PLUS the user should be able to exit the Transaction Detail window by clicking a Close button. The User SHOULD NOT be allowed to access the parent form (Transaction Register and Data Entry Form) while the Transaction Detail window is being viewed.;5. Provide detailed comments in the code explaining the process and methodology that you use.


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