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Write the following SQL statements in Microsoft Access by using the Books database below. Once complete, copy and paste the SQL statements in a Microsoft Word document;Write SQL statements;To update the publisher name from READ WITH US to READ FOR US;To verify the updated name field for the publisher with ID 6;To make the following updates to the Publisher table (be careful with WHERE);Make Contact="John Travolta" for publisher with ID number 4;Make Phone=888-999-7777 for TEXT AND MORE;To list the customer numbers and names of all individuals who have purchased books in the information systems category;To identify the book written by an author with the last name Cain. Perform the search by using the author name;To produce a list of all the customers who live in the state of Indiana and have ordered books on information systems;To display a list of all the books in the Books table. If a customer has ordered a book, list the corresponding order number and the state in which the customer resides;To identify the authors of the books ordered by Sheila Smith. Perform the search by using the customer name;To list the customer numbers and names of all the individuals who have purchased books in the children category;To add the following items to the Books table;ISBN;Title;Author;PubDate;Cost;Retail;Category;PubID;1234567890;A Good Book;John Jeffries;10/11/2005;13.5;15.00;Non-Fiction;7;2314569874;Trains for Everyone;Cory Berkey;12/15/2011;10.25;25.25;Children;8;1598745682;Eating In;Susan Smythe;09/09/2012;20.00;30.50;Cooking;6;99954123654;Another Vampire Story;Ann Oats;09/05/2010;11.23;13.52;Fiction;4;1025874159;Databases are Fun!;Tony Stevens;01/01/2013;4.12;5.23;Information Systems;9;To delete the last record added;To update the name Susan Smythe to Susan Smythe-Brown


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