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Part A: This question is to be submitted to the instructor in the form of a Word (or Open Office) document containing the Java code and appropriate screen capture(s) of the output. The file name must be in the form ASSIGN3A_YourName where ?YourName? is your last name followed by your first name with no space. Upload the file to CMS.;Problem 13.13 (Page 512);a) Colour the face, or;b) You can be creative ? Create any picture with a minimum of seven parts using at least 4 different drawing techniques. Be sure to include different colours.;Part B: Write code and test the solutions for the following problems from the textbook. Submit files for each question to CMS. The answers are due on February 1st and the programs are to be demonstrated to the Teaching Assistant (Greg) by February 7th. He will ask questions to make sure you understand the material.;Problem 13.3 (Page 509);Problem 13.7 (Page 510) or Problem 13.11 (Page 511)


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