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Create a script that requires your visitors to accept your terms andconditions before proceeding, by selecting a check box. Save thepage as AcceptTerms.html. Include two links, an Accept link and a Decline link. The Accept link should open a page named AcceptPage.html that displays the text ?Thank you for accepting our terms.?The Decline link should open a page named DeclinePage.html thatdisplays the text ?You did not accept our terms.? In the AcceptTerms.html document, create a single event handler function named confrmTerms() that determines whether the check box is selected andreturns a value of true if it is or false if it isn?t. Call the confirmTerms()function from the Accept link. If the check box is selected, open theAcceptPage.html document. If the check box is not selected, displayan alert dialog box informing the user that he or she must accept theterms. If the user clicks the Decline link, open the DeclinePage.htmldocument.


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