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Use this forum to create a thread describing a Medical Billing/Coding program that you have researched. Use online or catalog resources to fulfill the following requirements;1. Name, location, contact information of Program (10 points);2. Length of Program (10 points);3. Cost of Program (10 points);4. Description of Program and any other useful information you learned during your research. (20 points);FOR EXAMLE WOULD BE JUST LIKE THIS;Name: Tidewater Community College;Location: Norfolk;Contact Information: 300 Granby St, Norfolk, VA 23510. (757) 822--1122;Cost of Program: In-State = $157.85 per semester. Out-State = $352.45 per semester. There is a $4 fee for Placement Testing.;Description of Program: I learned that Tidewater Community College is the second largest undergraduate student body in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


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