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AC Parallel RLC Circuit




Observations/Measurements;III. A. 1. RLC Circuit Calculated Impedance and Admittance Values;Frequency Hz;Susceptance, Siemens;Inductive, B L;Capacitive, B C;550;1000;Frequency Hz;Total Circuit AC Admittance, Y T;Complex Notation;Magnitude;Angle;550;1000;Frequency Hz;Total Circuit AC Impedance, Z T;Complex Notation;Magnitude;Angle;550;1000;III. A. 2. RLC Circuit Calculated Current Values;Frequency Hz;I R (RMS). A;I C (RMS), A;I L (RMS). A;Magnitude;Angle;Magnitude;Angle;Magnitude;Angle;550;1000;Frequency Hz;{I R + I C + I L }= I S (RMS), A;I S = V * Y T;Complex Form;Magnitude;Angle;Magnitude;Angle;550;1000;Match? Yes _____ No;Explanation;III A. 3. RLC Circuit Calculated Power Dissipation;Frequency Hz;P R, W;P S, W;550;1000;III. B. 3. RLC Circuit Simulation Results;Frequency Hz;I S (RMS), A;I R (RMS), A;I C (RMS), A;I L (RMS), A;550;1000;III. B. 4. Simulation Values Match Calculated Values;Match? Yes _____ No;III. B. 6. RLC Circuit Simulated Power Measurement;Frequency;Hz;Source Power, P S;(Watts);Power Factor;550;1000;III. B. 7. Simulation Values Match Calculated Values;Match? Yes _____ No;Explain any mismatch;III. C. 4. RLC Circuit Measured Current at 550 Hz;I S = _____________ (A);III. C. 5. Value Matches Calculated and Simulated Values;Match? Yes _____ No;III. C. 6. RL Circuit Measured Currents;I R = ________(A) I C = ________(A) I L = ________(A);Match? Yes _____ No;Explain any mismatch;III. C. 7. RLC Circuit Measured Current at 1000 Hz;I S = _____________ (A);I R = ________(A) I C = ________(A) I L = ________(A);Match? Yes _____ No;Explain any mismatch;Questions;1.;Construct a Phasor Diagram to represent the source current and the branch currents, I R, I C, and I L through the resistor, capacitor, and the inductor. The diagram does not need to be drawn to scale. However, the values of the items represented must be included in the diagram.;2. Did you notice any interesting feature in the lab exercise with regard to the two different frequencies chosen for the experiment?;3. In the Multisim simulation, change the frequency of the source to be between 725Hz to 735 Hz (in increments of 2 Hz) and record the inductor and the capacitor currents.;Frequency, Hz;I R,mA;I C, mA;I L, mA;725;727;729;731;733;735


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