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Microsoft industry.




I need to examine the industry that Microsoft operates. (2 Pages, Times New Roman, Font 12);In the last few years, several industries were hurt in the economic downturn such as the auto industry as well as banking. In this assignment, I need to focus on the relationship between the government and the market.;1.Read the following handout on market structures: (Attached);Which structure best describes the market in which your firm operates? Why?;2. What are some ways that the government has supported your industry?;3. The government has two important roles: promote competition as well as protect consumers. Suppose your firm develops a brand new product that is high in demand by consumers. Your firm applies and receives a patent. Should the government put time limits on your patent. Explain. (Be sure to do some additional research on your own as there are several recent examples on this issue: Apple vs. Samsung).


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