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Excell;Directions: Please label your responses to each topic below using the topic title or create a new response for each topic so it is apparent which topic below you are responding to. Atomic Learning Tutorial: Based on the unit?s assignment/reading this week, please discuss/summarize the main points and what you gleaned from the tutorials.;Step-by-step readings: Complete the step-by-steps in this week?s reading then share three things you learned that enhanced your knowledge of Excel. Be specific and provide examples of how you might use these newfound skills in the business world and/or your personal life.;Take a practice test: Visit and complete the Practice Test for the chapter(s) you read this week. Get your results from the Quiz or Quizzes and share how well you did or perhaps how well you did not do (it is okay if you do not do well on the Quiz, you are not being graded on this Quiz) discuss why you feel you missed certain questions and where you might find more information about what you need a little more help on. Your instructor will share his/her score too, just to be fair!;Atomic Learning: (view the Excel Tutorials for Unit 2)


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