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Module 2 - Case assignment;In this case assignment, you will install Oracle database 11g express edition and SQL developer to your computer, validate your installation, and write a short 3-4 page paper with screenshots of your download. This assignment has three parts;Part 1;To successfully finish this assignment, you will first need to study the required reading materials, follow the installation guide, and read the getting started guide.;Oracle database express installation guide (2011). Click here.;Oracle database express getting started guide (2011). Click here.;Part 2;Download SQL developer at Make sure you download the zip file that include the JDK1.6.0_11.;Part 3;Following this link to learn how to connect to Oracle database using SQL developer.;Expectations;Successfully install Oracle database 11g express edition and Oracle SQL developer to your computer;Describe your experience with the installation.;Open the sample database HR, and make screen shots of the database and copy them into your paper;Open HR database, describe what information you see there, using the terms introduced in this module, such as table, schema and key. Describe the tables in HR database in detail.


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