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Visual Basic Programming




I need with this programming.;I am lost on steps 2 and 3 can anyone tell me on how to do this I am confused.;(Average Calculator Application) Write an application that takes three numbers as input in TextBoxes, stores the three integers in variables, then calculates and displays the average of the numbers. The output is displayed in a Label. Figure 3.33 shows the completed application.;Fig. 3.33. Result of Average Calculator application.;1. Creating the Application: Create a new Windows Forms application named AverageCalculator. Rename its Form1.vb file as AverageCalculator.vb. Set the Form's Font property to Segoe UI 9pt and its Text propertyto AverageCalculator.;2. Coding the Click event handler: Perform the average calculation in the Calculate Button's Click event handler. Display the average in the resultLabel.;3. Clearing the result: Write event handlers for the TextBoxes' TextChanged events. Write code to clear resultLabel after the user enters new input into any of the TextBoxes.;4. Running the application: Select Debug > Start Debugging to run your application. Enter three integers, then verify that the average is calculated properly.


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