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Computer Networking Voice/VoIP Admin w/Lab I need 4 DQ answered today 110 words or less




Circuit vs. Packet Switching (graded);1. Let us start our discussions with this topic: Give us your insights on why packet switched networks are the future of telecommunications? What applications/uses will drive us towards packet switching and when? Will the current circuit switched infrastructure go away?;Please provide examples and discuss?.Why or why not?;2.;Class can packet and circuit switching be used in combination for optimal performance? How?;The Evolution of PSTN and its Facilities (graded);1. So Class, do a quick research and discuss the significance of the AT&T Deregulation of 1984? Do you agree to this ruling? If you were Judge Harold Green, what will you do differently? How did this affected the structure of the PSTN? How did this affected the telecom customers? Please comment on each other's posts, and identify your sources.;2. Class do you think we have come full circle again. Does at&t own the Telecom/Internet Carrier market again?


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