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You are a network consultant for a large consulting firm. You are going to design a large network for an enterprise client that sells gourmet candies. The network is going to be for their entire US-based operation. There are seven physical sites to this network, located in New York, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Seattle. The information for each physical site is given below;Site Total Number of Clients Additional Information;New York 1100 WiFi at site, heavy printing needs;Boston 600 WiFi at site;Atlanta 400 public website hosted at this site with e-commerce;Chicago 800 WiFi at site, developers are located at this site;Dallas 500 credit card processing done here;Los Angeles 1000 WiFi at site;Seattle 600 shipping and distribution site is here;Deliverables;Your final design must contain;1. A drawing of the overall network with general information so I can see the physical layout of your network. All physical sites should be on this diagram so I can see the ?big picture.? You should display the internet connections and their speed, as well as how you choose to connect each site together.;1. After completing the physical layout of the network, you will choose a specific site and do a detailed design of that site, similar to the earlier project. You should be absolutely as detailed as possible, including not only a sound physical design, but also a detailed backup and recovery plan. Make sure you are thorough and complete!;1. The final part of the project requires you to write a complete analysis of your design, explaining why you chose this particular layout, justifying all of your choices. The writeup has no particular length requirement, however, a good and thorough explanation will likely be at least two to three pages.


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