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Policy Creation You have been hired by KU Bank One, a large bank that has 500 employees, to increase their corporate information security. Your first task is to create an IT security policy for the bank. You must include the following topics in your policy, along with 3 other key topics you feel critical to securing the bank?s assets:? Authentication requirements? Access control requirements? Network connection requirements? Remote access requirements? Encryption requirements This policy needs to be professionally written, cover the key aspects listed and provide three additional areas you feel are critical. This document should be a complete, ready to use, professionally written security plan. The page length should be between 4 and 8 pages. Desktop and Server Security Recommendations You have just been hired as a technical consultant for a small start-up company. They need to set up a network with a centralized server (Windows 2003) and 12 desktop computers for their staff. Additionally, they have one remote employee with a laptop who needs to be able to access the server. Research desktop software solutions for this company to enhance the security of their network and provide a safe way for the remote employee to access the network. Present a choice or a range of choices for the company to consider and include your recommendations for the best software values for their needs. Next, using the internet, go to Symantec or McAfee and research the latest threats by malicious code. Select one of the two and present the following information: the type of threat, what platforms are affected, the signs and symptoms, and corrective actions and a recommendation to ensure this threat does not affect the start-ups computers or network. Finally, make a recommendation to the firm?s leadership regarding the changes to the default local security policies for their new Windows 2003 server before adding it to the firm?s network. Include your reasoning for each recommendation. This should all be presented in a Microsoft Power Point presentation. Include speaker notes at the bottom of every slide. Evaluate security strategies used to protect private network resources from public networks. Firewalls and VPNs Answer the following five questions in a two to three page Word document using good APA formatting. 1. Why does a packet filtering firewall maintain the state of connections? 2. Why are rules as important as the hardware used on the firewall? 3. How can the efficiency of a firewall be impacted? 4. To correctly set up a VPN, what requirements should be defined? 5. What are the benefits and concerns of using user VPNs?


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