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1. Which term refers to a program stored in ROM (typically BIOS) which is used during the boot up process?;Bootstrap Program;Command Prompt;Disk Defragmenter;Execution Preparation Program;Shell;2. Which type of system software acts as the master controller for all activities that take place in a computer system?;Complier;Database;Device Driver;Operating System;Utility;3. In which year was Microsoft Window version 1 released?;1982;1985;1991;1992;1995;4. Which operating system was developed by Google to run on mobile devices, such as smart phones and netbooks?;Android OS;DOS (Disk Operating System);Linux;Mac OS X;Windows 7;5. Which term refers to a section of a data file at the beginning of a file that contains information about the file?;File Beginning;File Fork;File Header;File MetaData;File Tag;6. Which term refers to the suffix at the end of a file name, following the period, which is normally used to specify the file type, in Windows?;File Class;File Extension;File Identifier;File Suffix;File Tag;7. Which is a technique for writing an optical disc such as a CD, DVD, or BD, which only allows recording to be done in single session?;Disc Mastering;Incremental Burning;Packet Writing;Packet Ripping;Packet Stamping;8. Which type utility software helps regain performance by rearranging files on a disk so they are stored in contiguous clusters?;Backup Utility;Disk Defragmenter;Disk Restorer;File Sector Editor;File Unifier;9. Which type of disk/disc is bootable and contains a complete copy of your computer's hard disk as it existed when the computer was new?;Archival Disk;Factory Setup Disk;Incremental Backup Disk;Recovery Disk;Restore Point;10. Which general type of disk is a removable storage medium that can contains enough of the operating systems files that it be used to boot the computer without accessing the hard drive?;Boot Disk;Backup Disk;Emergency Disk;Restore Disk;Restore Point;11. Robert Morris, who released a worm which brought down the ARPANET in 1988, received which sentence for this crime?;None;400 hours of community service and $10,000 fine;5 years probation and $10,000 fine;10 years in prison;15 years to life in prison;12. How many sets of criminal fingerprints in the FBI's Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) are checked against a suspect's?;77 Thousand;600 Thousand;7 Million;66 Million;6 Billion


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