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Each class member is to select, analyze, evaluate,...




Each class member is to select, analyze, evaluate, synthesize and report on a 5-7 page Word document an ethical violation case (scandal); also, Power Point slides are to be prepared and submitted with the presentation. This analysis and Evaluation should cover the following points: 1. What was the case about? (Summary of the Case) 2. Who was (were) the individual (s) and company (ies) involved? 3. When and where did it happen? 4. Why did it happen? 5. What was the outcome of the case? 6. How could this case been avoided? 7. What did you learn from the case? The Report should have the same cover page report format as shown in the Research Project sample. The slides should answer the questions listed above. They should be simple, only having 4-5 lines on them,I chose the House Banking Scandal. Sorry, I thought that was in there already. If you found something else then its ok also.


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