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WEB 240 WEEK 2 Individual Website Design and Development First Draft




WEB 240 WEEK 2 Individual Website Design and Development First Draft;Part 1;A website plan serves as a blueprint for developing a website. The plan identifies the purpose of the site, your audience, and the specific content and features that must be added to the site to accomplish the site?s objectives.;Complete a First Draft of your Website Plan, using a Microsoft ? Word document or a Microsoft ? PowerPoint ? presentation, that addresses the following areas;? Topic;? Purpose;Why do you need this site?;Why do your visitors need this site?;? Audience;Brief description of target audience;General geographic location of audience;Estimate number of people;Estimate average age;Familiarity with computers and Internet;Key target audience insight ? Most compelling thing you want the audience to think, learn or do as a result of visiting the site;? A visual mockup of the layout of your site?s home page using drawing tools in a Microsoft ? Word document, a Microsoft ? PowerPoint ? presentation, or a graphic program;Part 2;Create a homepage for your planned site that demonstrates effective application of design elements. Use only Adobe ? Dreamweaver ? or another HTML editor to create a basic web page based on the web plan you have developed. This page is the homepage of your website. Save your site homepage as index.html or default.html.;Check your HTML code using the Markup Validation Service on the W3C ? website, ( prior to submitting your web page(s).;Submit all website files in a compressed folder.


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