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I need help with my Web Design and Database Design classes over the next 8 weeks.




I need help with my Web Design and Database Design classes over the next 8 weeks.;You will need to install software on your computer to complete te work.;Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Dreamweaver;Web Design - Week 1;This Project will follow the textbook, Web Design (4th ed.), and guide you to design a Web site;using the skills you;acquire in this course. At the end of each chapter you will complete another step in the;development process in Web;design.;Unit I Assignment;Complete the Case Study activities in Chapter 1 on pages 36-37 and write a paper with your;proposal for a personal;Web site following the steps in the Chapter Assignment.;Complete the Case Study activities in Chapter 2 on pages 66-67 and develop a report addressing;the issues listed in;the Chapter Assignment.;Create a single Word file file containing both assignments and submit for grading;Database Design - Week 1;Unit I Course Project;For this assignment, choose one of the first three scenarios from the end of Chapter 1 (on pages;17-18): ?Wild Wood Apartments,? ?Vince?s Vinyl,? or ?Grandfield College.? You will work on the;scenario you choose throughout the course. Do NOT choose the scenario titles ?Westlake Research;Hospital? as this will act as an example throughout this course, beginning in Unit II.;Instructions;1. Read your assigned scenario on page 17 or 18.;2. Review the ?Deliverables? section below.;3. Review the ?Suggestions for Scenarios? section on page 19 of your textbook.;4. Review ?The Statement of Work? on pages 13-15. Use this as a model for your own statement of;work.;5. When you have completed all of the deliverables, you should compress the files together into;a file for upload. Contact your instructor if you have any questions.;6. You will begin submitting theses items in Unit II.;Deliverables;1. Major Topics: List the major topics for this database.;2. Statement of Work: Write a draft statement of work. Include a brief history, a statement of;scope, objectives, and a preliminary timeline.;3. Documentation: Start an electronic notebook to record your progress with the scenario;database. Add the statement of work and any notes to the notebook. Submit this notebook for;grading beginning in Unit II.


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