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Advanced Java Programming using Eclipse




(Advanced Java Programming using Eclipse);1. Write a program that reads an integer between 0 and 10000 by selecting the integer at random, then sum the digits. For example if the number is 7462, use the remainder operator (%) and the division operator (/) to get the individual digits. For example, 7462/1000 = 7 and 7462%1000 = 462, 462/100 = 4 and 462%100 =62, 62/10 = 6, 62%10 = 2. The sum of all its digits is 7+4+6+2=19.;2. Develop an application using the User Interface and item/price below to calculate the price of a pizza based on its size and toppings. When the user selects a size and toppings for the pizza and clicks the calculate button, the application should calculate the price of the pizza, add the price of the selected toppings to the base price of the pizza.;The pizza calculator will include Size: small, medium, large, Toppings: sausage, olives, pepperoni, mushrooms, salami, anchovies


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