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Debugging Assignment




The Debug.jsp program (see code below) is a JSP that displays some simple output. The program has several syntax, semantic, or logic errors in the program code. Perform the following steps to debug the program.;1. Start TextPad and open the file, Debug.jsp.;2. Read through the code and fix any errors that you see. Insert today?s date and your name as the programmer in the comment header.;3. Save the file. Start Tomcat.;4. Copy the JSP file to the Tomcat default root folder, or a location specified by your instructor. Open a browser and type http://localhost:8080/Debug.jsp in the address text box.;5. When the program compiles, the browser displays the compilation errors. Fix the first error and then repeat Step 4.;6. When you have fixed all the syntax and semantic errors so that the program will execute, look for run-time and logic errors. Fix all errors, if any, and execute the program again.;7. When the program produces the output as shown in Figure 12-92, print a copy of the source code (this is an online course so this is not an option). Close the browser. Close TextPad. Stop Tomcat.;8. Submit completed version of Debug.jsp to instructor in Word document format.


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