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The most compelling topics learned in this course for me would be learning about EHR it was confusing to understand how it works and how to actually work it. But after a few weeks I gradually started understanding what EHR is. EHR is used for collection of electronic health record of individuals medical history. It is a record used in a digital format shared across different health care settings.;My favorite part of this course is Prime Suite I really enjoyed using this software because I gained the hands on experience and learned varies steps like registering a patient, entering in patients medical history, entering medication list, putting in patients vitals and so on.;By participating in the discussion board the feedback from my peers were the hints that I used to redo my work. Their feedback helped me so much in my work that need to be corrected.;I think this class was the best one I ever had. I think the information provided was excellent and easy to learn. Our Proffecer was great and understanding when we had questions and we were stuck on something.;I really enjoyed this class and getting to know each and everyone of my peers. I think we all did a great job. I will be missing you all.


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