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a program to calculate the Twelve Days Of Christmas




Java: Hello anyone I'm in need of help on a programming question which must be done within the next 6 hours. Write a program to calculate the Twelve Days Of Christmas. The program requests a integer from 1-12 and then lists the gift for that day and the costs. the program should also calculate the total cost of all 12 days. If bad data is entered an error message SHOULD occur and no calculation should be performed. If everything is entered correctly then it should look like this;User input:3;Your gifts for Day 3 are;One partridge in a pear tree;two turtle doves;three French hen;cost of day: $459.99;total cost for twelve days;$ 101,099.96;The program has to be a looping for calculations not using printing. Data also HAS to be loaded by a text file. Also use array. The text file should look something like;(first text file);One Partridge in a Pear Tree;Two Turtle Doves;Three French Hen;Four Calling Birds;Five Golden Rings;Six Geese-a-Laying;Seven Swans-a-Swimming;Eight Maids-a-Milking;Nine Ladies Dancing;Ten Lords-a-Leaping;Eleven Pipers Piping;Twelve Drummers Drumming;(Text File two);184.99;62.50;50.00;129.99;129.00;27.00;900.00;7.25;699.34;476.67;220.69;219.16;The grand total should be $101,099.96


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