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Part 2;As a student entering the health care field, you will research through the Cybrary to identify a health care professional that you might want to interview. This can be a health care information technician, health information manager (HIM), or health informatics director or manager.;Find out as much as you can about the education required for this job, any certification needed, and what the duties of this job are.;Schedule a phone or breeze session interview.;Prepare a 1-paragraph summary of your contact's name, title, location, and type of facility, and indicate the interview date.;Submit this in a Word document. Part 3;In preparation for an imaginary interview, make a list of 10 questions that you would like to discuss during this interview (e.g., Does your facility use EHRs?, What EHR systems or other software are used?, How many employees are there in the department?, How does management handle employees and training during implementation?, If it does not have EHR, is it in any implementation stage?). Submit your 10 questions in a Word document.


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