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Computer Science chapter 3




Directions: Read the questions below and formulate a brief answer. Your response to each question should be at least one half of one page in length. Students must utilize APA guidelines for formatting and citations.;1. What is the difference between an arithmetic operation and a logical operation?;2. What happens to the carry from the leftmost column in the addition of integers in two?s complement format.;3. Can n, the bit allocation, equal 1? Why, or why not?;4. Define the term overflow.;5. In the addition of floating-point numbers, how do we adjust the representation of numbers with different exponents?;6. What is the difference between a unary operation and a binary operation?;7. Name the logical binary operations.;8. What is a truth table?;9. What does the NOT operator do?;10. When is the result of an AND operator true?


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